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Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

What are the benefits of letting my daughter go through Mizzou PHA Formal Recruitment?

For women joining a sorority chapter during their first year, membership aids in their transition into life at Mizzou by supporting them in developing sisterhood, enhancing leadership, encouraging academic success, and promoting philanthropy and community service efforts. Students who join a sorority often feel as if they have found a home away from home. After graduation, sisters have access to alumni networks to support their post-college transition.

I'm worried my daughter will be hazed. Does Sigma Kappa haze?

The University of Missouri has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing that is consistent with Missouri antihazing legislation. According to State Statutes (573.360-578.365), hazing is defined as: “A willful act, occurring on or off the campus of an educational institution, directed against a student or a prospective member of an organization operating under the sanction of an educational institution, that recklessly endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student or prospective member for the purpose of initiation or admission into or continued membership in any such organization to the extent that such person is knowingly placed at probable risk of the loss of life or probable bodily or psychological harm”. Hazing is not tolerated. If you sense your student may be participating in inappropriate activities as a result of membership in a fraternity or sorority, you should contact the Office of Greek Life or Office of Student Conduct. Calls will be handled in an immediate and discreet manner.